Launches TERSUS Solutions waterless laundry innovation developed in collaboration with Czero R&D engineering team

Czero client CO2Nexus, in strategic partnership with Patagonia and the State of California Energy Commission, has launched the TERSUS Solutions brand to bring to market new technology that uses recycled liquid carbon dioxide, rather than water, to clean, disinfect and coat fabrics for textiles manufacturing and cleanroom laundries.

Virtual prototyping expedited time to production

The launch follows ten months of successful full-scale commercial testing of the system. For this first-ever technology, Czero’s virtual prototyping services, including advanced modeling and simulation, paid off with a robust design and first physical prototype that performed excellently and was ready to refine for production after the first pass. Czero is now working with the TERSUS Solutions team to finalize the production design.

Timely technology for large-scale water and energy savings

TERSUS Solutions innovations arrive at a time when many municipalities, companies and regions around the world face water shortages and increasing energy costs.

In addition to eliminating water in fabric laundering and processing, the TERSUS Solutions system also saves energy by eliminating the need to dry fabrics after washing them. Following the pressurized cleaning cycle that keeps the carbon dioxide in a liquid state, depressurizing the washing chamber returns the carbon dioxide to its gaseous form, leaving fabrics instantly dry.

Innovation without compromise

While technologies designed to reduce costs or resource consumption often compromise performance to achieve those reductions, the TERSUS Solutions system actually outperforms conventional laundry machines. It cleans better, reduces mechanical wear on fabrics, and enables fabric treatments not possible with water.