Full Service R&D Engineering

Bring us your toughest R&D challenges

At Czero we live to innovate, to design technologies that leap ahead.

Our award-winning engineers have extensive hands-on experience designing automotive, hydraulic, and clean tech innovations. Using our refined, highly effective analysis/design process, plus the latest tools for analysis, modeling and simulation, we’ll expedite proof of concept and decrease your time-to-prototype.


Our Process


Take the baton when your prototype is tested, proven, ready

Each Czero project concludes with a complete handoff to your team, although if you’d like, we’re more than happy to provide ongoing support. Additionally, while we specialize in system and subsystem prototype design, through our partner organizations we can also carry your product development all the way through to production.

Building your intellectual property

Over the years our engineering designs have led to numerous patents for our clients, for technologies including hybrid powertrains, industrial drive systems, engine designs, and bioreactor systems and controls.


Contact us to discuss your project requirements and how we can accelerate your innovations.