Czero - CFD analysis using CONVERGE


Sophisticated internal combustion engine modeling & simulation

Czero’s expert engineering team uses CONVERGE CFD software to optimize both spark- and compression-ignited internal combustion (IC) engines for applications ranging from hybrid passenger vehicles to heavy industrial equipment to performance racing machines.

Industry-leading software for CFD

Convergent Science developed CONVERGE software specifically for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of IC engines. Widely used by automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, CONVERGE excels at visualizing flow and showing how specific design changes will affect complex factors such as fluid structure interactions, turbulence chemistry and conjugate heat transfer (CHT).

Faster IC engine simulations than ever before

Dynamic meshing capabilities make CONVERGE run simulations faster than previous-generation CFD software while maintaining high model fidelity. By supporting CONVERGE’s powerful, streamlined capabilities with cloud-based data processing, Czero dramatically reduces the run time for high-volume simulations; we can run simulations in hours that historically would have taken weeks.

Integration with GT-SUITE/GT-POWER for multiphysics simulations

For comprehensive analysis, Czero also couples CONVERGE CFD results with engine, powertrain/propulsion, thermal management and hydraulics models developed using GT-SUITE/GT-POWER software.

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