Envirofit: Switching on solar-powered lights in Africa & Central America

With the mission of using engineering to improve the human condition on a global scale, Envirofit, world-renowned developer of clean-burning, fuel-efficient cookstoves, has recently expanded its offerings to include solar-powered lighting products.

Envirofit’s new line of solar-powered lights includes high-watt systems, solar lanterns and torch flashlights. In addition to providing ambient lighting for keeping homes and workspaces functional and safe after daylight hours, the systems include the high-demand feature of USB ports for charging mobile devices and small appliances.

Czero’s role in Envirofit product development

Over the last year, Czero has provided engineering support and technical oversight during development of Envirofit’s lighting products. This has included contributing to prototype design, refining technical specifications and tolerances, planning test protocols, and monitoring production quality. Previously, Czero helped design Envirofit’s durable and lightweight free-standing plancha (metal griddle) cookstove. Known for fuel efficiency, Envirofit cookstoves significantly reduce smoke particulates and carbon dioxide emissions.

Launching commercial production of the 5-watt system

With the first 100 units of the Empower Core 5-watt System tested and approved in early summer of 2013, small-scale commercial production began in August, overseen by both a Czero engineer and a third-party quality control specialist.

First markets for Envirofit’s solar-powered lights

The lighting products will launch first in Kenya, Tanzania, Honduras and Nicaragua. Envirofit anticipates the systems’ USB charging capabilities will be in high demand to support the cottage industry, widespread in these markets, of independent vendors offering battery-charging services for appliances and mobile devices.

The Czero team was consistently precise, collected, and dedicated in management of our Empower Core 5 project, and Czero’s consummate professionalism has made for a great working relationship with Envirofit. Our global users benefit greatly from Czero’s engineering excellence and fantastic project management skills. Daniel Wald, Director of Sales and Operations