Build & Test

Transforming your Czero design into a tested physical model

Let us handle it. We have everything in place to make it easy. In addition to an in-house team of engineers with 25+ years of experience in prototype design and development, we have an established network of proven suppliers and companies—in Fort Collins, Detroit, and across the U.S.—doing top-notch work in whatever your project might require.

Czero is your one-stop shop for taking ideas for mechanical, electromechanical, and electrohydraulic innovations from concept to prototype.

Smoothly managing prototype production

Regardless of project scope or complexity, you can rest easy knowing we’re handling the prototyping process and will keep you completely up-to-date on progress. Our proactive project management team can shepherd your design through the process of coming to life as a working model.

Prototype testing: It’s a great design, now prove it

No prototype’s complete without testing. Name your criteria and we’ll put your prototype to the test using standard or custom-designed protocols. We’ll generate a detailed performance analysis for your review and use. Then, depending on what we learn, we can retest the prototype, refine the design, or confirm proof-of-concept and finalize your prints for production.


We have partnered with Colorado State University and the Engines and Energy Conversions Lab giving us the ability to test a wide range of power systems, hydraulics and control systems. The test systems include:

  • AVL Fuel Balance
  • Rosemont 5-gas emissions analysis
  • Nicolet Magna 560 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
  • Engine control and monitoring (ECM) AFRecorder
  • Agilent Micro GC 3000 gas chromatographs
  • PM10 Cyclone mini-dilution tunnel
  • Rapid compression machine for chemical kinetic studies
  • CLD 500 System for fast NOx measurement
  • Bio-ester droplet combustion apparatus microgravity drop tower
  • Screw-type super charger
  • Engine dynamometers—500 hp to 2000 hp
  • Natural gas and diesel engines


Contact us to learn more about our full concept-to-prototype services.