Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis

Predicting the future

Knowing how a system will perform—before you build it—saves you time and money.

Technology has good days…and bad days

Using a variety of sophisticated simulation tools, including MATLAB/Simulink, we model and predict how your design will work not only under ideal conditions but also as things change. By checking the sensitivity of the system and involving controls engineers early in design, we ensure your final product will work well all the time.

Plan twice, build once

Time and time again, we’ve seen extra investment in simulation recovered later in the development, through reduced reworks and redesigns. Our simulation experts, designers, and control experts collaborate closely to model, test, and iterate as many times as it takes to get your design right before it gets built.

Smart modeling and simulation expedite finding the best, most reliable design for your innovation.

Smart processes support fast iteration

For different projects we combined different CAD, modeling and simulation tools to optimize and expedite the process. For example, using this electromechanical actuator design simulation [PDF], we saved an automotive client weeks of R&D time, using a smart combination of tools that enabled us to run hundreds of simulations overnight.

Range of projects

  • Transmission and powertrains dynamics
  • Fuel injector mechanical and fluid dynamics
  • Actuator electromagnetics and mechanical dynamics
  • Thermodynamics of gas cycles
Gamma Technologies Convergent Science
Matlab Simulink LMS
CD-adapco ANSYS
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Dynamic Modeling