Czero’s expert R&D support for global powertrain innovator BorgWarner

Czero recently completed an engineering R&D project for BorgWarner, a $7.4 billion company renowned for award-winning powertrain and engine innovations that improve performance, increase fuel economy, and reduce air and noise pollution.

Both BorgWarner divisions—the Engine Group and the Drivetrain Group—have turned to Czero for R&D projects in the last several years, because our powertrain and hydraulics engineers have decades of experience doing the same type of sophisticated engineering and analysis that BorgWarner does in-house.

While the majority of work we do is early-stage R&D, we also do design, analysis and modeling to develop production solutions for BorgWarner and other companies.

Improving high-performance hydraulics, powertrains

For our most recent project, BorgWarner enlisted Czero to fast-track computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of a new transmission valve design; they also requested our recommendations for improving it to achieve better overall system performance. With the results now in hand, BorgWarner’s engineering team will incorporate Czero analysis and  enhancements in the production valve design.

Early last year, BorgWarner asked Czero to design a high-performance solenoid for a demanding new product innovation. In addition to doing the normal CAD work, this included analysis of the magnetics, simulation of the mechanical motion and hydraulics of the system, and analysis of stresses. That valve is now being tested and the results are matching predicted performance.

Easy engineering collaborations with Czero

Confidence in the expertise of our hydraulics and automotive engineers, with the option for turnkey project execution, has been the foundation of Czero’s ongoing work with BorgWarner.