Powertrain simulations

Czero’s smart simulations accelerate innovation

A world-class supplier of automotive systems and components, BorgWarner innovates continuously to provide new products for their customers. Czero engineers worked closely with engineers at BorgWarner to determine the best design for a new powertrain.

Advanced simulations yield the best product—faster

Czero accelerated BorgWarner innovation by creating detailed dynamic simulations for subcomponents of one of BorgWarner’s latest powertrain systems.

Using these simulations, our engineers investigated and provided comparison reports on a large number of possible solutions. This enabled BorgWarner engineers to converge quickly on the best design by understanding–before building the systems–how different architectural changes would affect performance.

By creating advanced simulations of the performance of these powertrain systems, Czero enabled BorgWarner to save time and money in developing a better product.


Czero - Automotive Powertrain Simulation