Colorado State University (CSU) Energy Institute

The Energy Institute brings together 13 CSU-affiliated research centers, CSU faculty and students, private industry, and governmental partners to collaborate in solving real-world energy challenges. Founded in 2013 as a hub of energy innovation, the Energy Institute is headquartered at CSU’s Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Partnership with Czero

Czero has partnered with the Energy Institute at Colorado State University (CSU) as an in-house resource for Energy Institute clients and sponsored technology research. As part of the Powerhouse Energy Campus, Czero continues serving its own clients while collaborating on innovative projects with the Energy Institute, faculty and students from CSU, government research agencies, and companies in the energy, automotive, and clean-tech industries.

Engines & Energy Conversion Lab (EECL) – Colorado State University

Founded in 1992, this internationally known innovation lab conducts experimental research on reducing emissions and improving efficiency in engines ranging in size from 1 to 2500 horsepower. It also researches and develops technologies for energy efficiency in developing countries, advanced biofuels, and renewable and distributed power. The EECL has a strong history of entrepreneurship and also frequently partners with private-sector companies on engineering R&D.

Partnership with Czero

Czero works closely with the EECL and other EECL partner organizations on a wide range of innovations for engines, fuels, energy conversions, and energy distribution. The EECL’s world-class laboratories are an invaluable resource for Czero’s early-stage development and testing of new technologies. In turn, Czero’s advanced engineering team supports EECL research with 25+ years of hands-on R&D experience in automotive, heavy duty trucks, high-speed hydraulics, and clean tech innovation.

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