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With analysis-led design, a closely integrated team, and a drive to contribute positively to the environment, our work centers on scalable, cost-effective solutions to increase energy efficiency, improve energy storage and delivery, and decrease harmful emissions. We partner with all sizes of companies and institutions, across all industries in the energy sector.

“They're brilliant, creative and fun to work with. Where else are you going to find an engineering firm you can say that about?”

- Deane Little - CEO, New Sky Energy


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"We chose Czero since they have a stellar reputation for innovation and expertise in the automotive industry. They also have a proven track record and prior history with the original inventor [of Onboard Dynamics natural gas refueling technology]—who is on our team—that has already resulted in huge successes in meeting critical milestones and performing to expectations."

- - Rita Hansen, CEO Onboard Dynamics
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"Czero’s work with us to fully understand the requirements of the end product for the new reactor engine system has been instrumental in developing a completely new, innovative system. From these requirements, they were able to quickly come up with multiple concepts for vetting against the tough project objectives, which include not only technical feasibility but also aggressive cost targets. The in-depth simulation and analysis of the various concepts that Czero did ahead of time has built tremendous confidence we are going down the right path."

- - Devin Halliday, Principal Investigator Gas Technology Institute
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"We know Czero’s agility, creativity and process. We trust their team. We’ve seen their technology insights and the business value of what they deliver. We turn to Czero as a pool of engineering talent for our diverse client companies. For seed-stage companies, having access to specialized, high-quality engineering resources on an as-needed basis expedites development of better products without increasing burn rate due to recurring engineering costs."

- - Morgan DeFoort, CEO
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"Czero’s integrated engineering approach has allowed us to develop elements quickly to meet the very ambitious schedule challenges imposed by our U.S Department of Defense contract."

- - Scott Frazier, Co-founder and CEO
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"Czero’s ability to work with our engineers in developing innovative,
ground-breaking technology has been a great benefit to the SuperTurbo
development. We have placed a lot of trust in Czero’s ability to deliver
and have not been disappointed. They are a top-shelf organization."

- - Tom Waldron, Executive VP, VanDyne SuperTurbo
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"Over a year into the project, Czero has continued to be responsive and trustworthy; their engineering performance has contributed significantly to an increase in project funding from the sponsor. As the project principal investigator, selecting Czero as an engineering services company has been one of the best decisions I have made."

- - Chris Hagen, Assistant Professor, Energy Systems Engineering Oregon State University

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