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Dynamometer Facility Design

Czero helps advance turbocharger technology—and the Fort Collins Smart Grid

SuperTurbo Technologies (formerly VanDyne SuperTurbo) is developing a new turbocharger technology that will improve standard gasoline engine performance by 20-30%. SuperTurbo contracted Czero to design a 900 KW, two-engine test facility for durability testing of these new turbochargers.

Designing customized systems for engine performance measurement

Czero oversaw design of these and other aspects of the SuperTurbo test facility:

  • Synchronous machine specifications
  • Dynamometer and engine mounting
  • Fuel system
  • Cooling system
  • Driveshaft
  • Room sensors
  • Engine, dynamometer, and test facility controls

Leaping ahead: from idea to reality

Czero engineers accelerated SuperTurbo’s product development by expediting design of a state-of-the-art test facility, a mission-critical necessity for this fast-moving fuel-efficiency innovator.

"Czero’s ability to work with our engineers in developing innovative, ground-breaking technology has been a great benefit to the SuperTurbo development. We have placed a lot of trust in Czero’s ability to deliver and have not been disappointed. They are a top-shelf organization."
Tom Waldron – VP of Operations
SuperTurbo Technologies

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Turning test-facility waste power into local grid power.

SuperTurbo wanted to route the electrical power generated by the engine dynamometers to either the local power grid or a resistive load bank on the testing premises.

Doing so enabled SuperTurbo to participate in FortZED, a Fort Collins energy initiative consists of public and private entities working on local power generation and smart grid technology.

Czero worked closely with SuperTurbo, local authorities, the CSU Engines and Energy Conversion Lab, and smart-grid innovator Spirae to ensure the proposed test facility met FortZED requirements.

We successfully demonstrated that the test facility could export power to the grid and that Fort Collins Utilities could control power transfer.

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