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Liquid CO2 Cleaning Machine

TERSUS Solutions: using liquid CO2 to clean and process textiles on a commercial scale

Over several years, Czero helped TERSUS Solutions (originally CO2Nexus) design and develop the world’s first and only CO2-based barrier (pass-through) commercial laundry system for textiles manufacturing and cleanrooms. The waterless system uses liquid CO2 as a cleaning agent. TERSUS Solutions commercialized the product with support from Patagonia’s $20 Million and Change program and in partnership with the State of California Energy Commission.

We helped create new tech that came with significant business and environmental benefits

The TERSUS Solutions system eliminates the primary source of water consumption in commercial laundry facilities, thereby reducing the facility footprint, eliminating water/sewage hookups, reducing total energy costs, and decreasing cycle times. Additionally, garments emerge from the TERSUS cleaning cycle already dry, eliminating the need for dryers. With the demand for water—and energy—increasing worldwide, this new technology will significantly reduce costs and resource consumption for fabric and apparel companies as well as cleanroom industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical devices, biotech, and university research.

Specialized R&D support

Czero’s role in R&D included mechanical design, prototyping, and testing, and jointly developed technology emerging from the project generated new intellectual property for TERSUS Solutions.

"As a young company commercializing real black-box technology, we've entrusted Czero with taking responsibility for the critical design and engineering tasks for which there are no precedents, i.e. it has never been done before. They have delivered, under demanding time and resource constraints, and set a very high bar. Culturally and otherwise, they are an ideal partner for young startups who need deep-dive, blank-slate engineering solutions. I would recommend them to anyone."

— Richard Kinsman, President & CEO

Global recognition for innovation

For developing this breakthrough technology, in 2013 TERSUS Solutions (as CO2Nexus) was named a finalist for the Cleanroom Innovation Award, sponsored by European consultancy Reinraum Akademie and the German publication Cleanroom Magazine.

Subsequently, TERSUS Solutions has used this technology to secure partnerships with high-end outdoor apparel makers Patagonia and REI as well as extend the technology into firefighting gear decontamination.

PHOTO SOURCE: UNEP (2008), Vital Water Graphics – An Overview of the State of the World’s Fresh and Marine Waters. 2nd Edition. UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN: 92-807-2236-0

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