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Bioreactor R&D

Czero’s early-stage R&D keeps an eye on business objectives

Czero worked closely with the cross-functional team of engineers and scientists at Solix Biofuels, providing mission-critical engineering services for design, development, and testing of the company’s patented bioreactors customized for algal biofuels.

Engineering algae growth systems for large-scale production

The high demands of commercial algae production required Solix Biofuels to develop a robust, reliable and scalable system that could maintain optimal production in fluctuating environmental conditions. Other top engineering considerations included ease of assembly, ease of maintenance and total cost.

Expediting bioreactor product development = faster time-to-market

The bioreactor designs included systems for media preparation, de-watering, cleaning, expansion, containment, data capture and analysis, plus systems for monitoring and controlling multiple factors:

  • Temperature
  • Light penetration
  • Culture suspension
  • CO2 and oxygen concentrations
  • pH

Czero’s engineers combined sophisticated modeling tools with rapid prototyping to develop, quickly and economically, new systems and subsystems for the ground-breaking Solix Algal Growth System.

Green tech pioneers

In providing engineering R&D services, Czero engineers developed multiple bioreactor innovations, fueling a competitive advantage for Solix Biofuels through patent-pending innovations.

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"Guy and Czero were an insightful and very technically proficient group that were instrumental in helping us develop our technology. They were very quick studies to understand the fundamental challenges we faced and design/build solutions around them. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value."

Doug Henston – past CEO Solix Biofuels

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