Blue Sun

Blue Sun produces and sells premium renewable fuel products and is developing the most advanced biodiesel production facility in the U.S.

BluSource Energy

Engineering firm BluSource specializes in alternative energy, marine applications and high-strength, light-weight composites for diverse uses ranging from dirigibles to yachts.

The engineers on the Czero team were proactive problem-solvers from our first introduction. They quickly applied the full breadth and depth of their engineering team’s impressive intellect to determine the most efficient and cost effective system to maximize the energy-harvesting capabilities of Brown’s concept.

They were remarkably objective in their trade studies to find the best solution, favoring a simpler mechanical solution over their greatest strength: advanced hydraulics. They walked us through potential failure modes of each system, and educated the team about the pitfalls of component scalability. In addition to their technical solutions, Czero did an excellent job conveying their thought process and analysis to the Brown team with clear graphs, diagrams and presentations, which streamlined decision-making.

Czero added tremendous value to the Brown project and was a pleasure to work with. We look forward to putting our heads together on future projects.

— Tom Derecktor, CEO, BluSource Energy


BRP is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and powersports engines.


Bright Energy Storage Technologies

Clean-tech innovator Bright Energy Storage Technologies is developing an ultra-low-cost, grid-scale underwater energy storage system.

Czero has been an invaluable and integral part of our program. From component and subsystem design to detailed system performance analysis, Czero’s integrated engineering approach has allowed us to develop elements quickly to meet the very ambitious schedule challenges imposed by our U.S Department of Defense contract.

— Scott Frazier,
Co-founder and CEO, Bright Energy Storage Technologies


ColdHubs develops solar-powered, pay-per-use cold storage units to increase the shelf life of produce harvested by small farmers in developing countries.

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