Patents Received by Czero

Patent No. US008622859B2

Systems and Methods for Hybridization of a Motor Vehicle using Hydraulic Components

Guy Babbitt, Chris Turner, Nick Echter, James Howland, James Quinlan

A system for hydraulic hybridization of a motor vehicle according to embodiments of the present invention includes a planetary gear mechanism including a first second, and third planetary member and planet gears, wherein one of the first, second, and third planetary members is sun gear, one is a ring gear, and one is a carrier; an engine, the engine including a crank shaft; a transmission, the transmission including a transmission input shaft; and a hydraulic pump/motor, the pump/motor including a pup shaft; and wherein the first planetary member is mechanically coupled to the pump shaft, wherein the second planetary member is mechanically coupled to the crank shaft, wherein the third planetary member is mechanically coupled to the transmission input shaft, and wherein the hydraulic pump/motor is not part of a hydro-static transmission system.

Patent No. US011795776B2

Manifolds for Providing Hydraulic Fluid to a Subsea Blowout Preventer and Related Methods

Guy Babbitt, James Kersey, Nick Echter, Kristina Weyer-Geigel

This disclosure includes manifolds, subsea valve modules, and related methods. Some manifolds and/or subsea valve modules include one or more inlets, each configured to receive hydraulic fluid from a fluid source, one or more outlets, each in selective fluid communication with at least one of the inlets, and one or more subsea valve assemblies, each configured to selectively control hydraulic fluid communication XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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