Working with Startups

Collaboration is in our DNA

As an engineering service company, our goal is to help other advance their technologies. We don't develop our own technologies and that gives us a lot of latitude to help others. We partner/collaborate with universities and companies of all sizes and have worked with many startups with great success.

Czero provides access to industry expertise and mentoring and established networks that can accelerate a startup's growth trajectory. By working with Czero, startups leverage our existing advanced engineering resources, research facilities, and development capabilities, which can significantly reduce their operational costs and time-to-market for innovative products or services.

Collaboration can take many forms and can be very informal and minimal to highly integrated.

  • We can help by mentoring - guiding the professional growth of your entity. We make Czero engineers available to you to answer questions, share supplier info, etc.​
  • We may provide support to startups through commercial contracts​, which often start very small​ and can scale as funding becomes available​.
  • Czero and the startup may also work together to secure & execute on grant-based funding. This is where Czero does a lot of the work by helping navigate processes and procedures. 
  • Lastly, ​we may establish formal partnerships, advisory board roles and or equity positions with startups.​

These relationships catalyze innovation, drive business transformation, and position these entities for long-term success in an ever-evolving market landscape. We can accelerate development cycles of innovative ideas with agile methodologies and foster a culture of continuous innovation by helping startups experiment with emerging technologies and move faster to having a working, tested, ready-for-production prototype.

    "The Czero team is the entrepreneur's friend; I've worked with the Czero team on several projects. There is no substitute for broad experience and deep expertise - the Czero team has these in abundance. We're working on several projects together including a deeptech Rice University spinout in stealth mode; Czero is committed to our success."

    -Rob Toker - Partner and President Stonebridge Energy Partners & Advisor Board Member, The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

      Accelerator and Incubator Programs

      Czero embraces collaboration with startups through incubator and accelerator programs and other industry organizations. These entities connect or provide the "match-making" between Czero and startups.

      We work with multiple technology incubators & accelerators, including Innosphere Ventures' REACH Energy Accelerator, Activate, Rocky Mountain Institute's Third Derivative, and the Grantham Foundation.

      Logos of Incubators and Accelerator entities

      We participate with and advocate and educate through multiple organizations, such as Colorado Cleantech Industries Association and the Colorado Hydrogen Network.

      Logos of Colorado cleantech associations

      Feel free to reach out if you have a project in mind; we're eager to collaborate and bring your vision to life.

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