White House Demo Day

Showcased innovation developed jointly by Czero and Onboard Dynamics to transform natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling

August 7, 2015

Presenting an automotive-engine cleantech innovation in development through collaboration with Czero engineers, Onboard Dynamics was among 32 startup companies to exhibit at the first-ever White House Demo Day on August 4. Hosted by President Barack Obama, the event highlighted the diversity in entrepreneurship at the heart of the U.S. innovation economy.

Here in this room, we’ve got some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs America has to offer, folks from all across the country who are working every day to transform the way we live and learn and communicate.

—U.S. President Barack Obama
Remarks at 2015 White House Demo Day

At the White House, Onboard Dynamics showcased its dual-function NGV engine that compresses natural gas from low-pressure lines, enabling any home or business with a natural gas line to serve as a refueling station. Onboard Dynamics CEO Rita Hansen used a 3D-printed model of the system, designed and printed by Czero, to demonstrate how the technology works.

Involved since the inception of the project, Czero’s R&D team is currently working with Onboard Dynamics on the next-generation design for commercial launch. Prototypes of the system are currently being tested in labs in Colorado and Oregon.

“U.S. policymakers increasingly are evaluating how alternative fuels can impact our country’s overall energy use,” said Hanson. “With Onboard Dynamics’ unique natural gas compression technologies, vehicle owners can save money and significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by refueling with natural gas or renewable natural gas instead of traditional fuels.”

The Czero team is profoundly honored that the White House chose to showcase an innovation we played an integral role in developing. A huge congratulations to Onboard Dynamics for being among the startups invited to White House Demo Day.

—Guy Babbitt, Co-founder and CEO

Onboard Dynamics’ NGV refueling innovation originated with joint research conducted by Czero and the Energy Systems Laboratory at Oregon State University (OSU) – Cascades, and OSU researchers also remain involved in advancing the technology.

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3D-printed model of Onboard Dynamics dual-function natural gas vehicle engine that compresses gas from low-pressure lines, exhibited at White House Demo Day on August 4, 2015.

Designed and printed by Czero.


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Onboard Dynamics seeks to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by removing barriers to driving natural gas-powered vehicles. Its product line integrates natural gas compression into cars and trucks, allowing drivers to refuel from any low pressure natural gas supply line. Founded in 2013, Onboard Dynamics is based in Bend, Oregon. The company is pursuing several patents covering company’s innovative technologies.